• Greet your friends by gifting seeds everyday! Share your mood and receive tokens! (A wider range of Services using Fruits and Tokens are being prepared for the future)

    On the Main Screen, you can check today’s mood and status of your friends. (Only friends with a history of exchanging seeds will show up on the Main Screen).

  • Gifting Guide

    1. After syncing your contacts, you can use the GoodMorn app to gift friends who have already registered or send a text gift link to gift friends who are not yet members. (Friends who are not yet registered must download and login within 30 days to receive the gift.)

    2. In the main screen, drag the seeds and drop it to a Friend.

    3. You can also gift a friend by visiting their profile and pressing the Gift button.

  • Share and update your mood everyday with friends.

    When you update your mood with a picture or text, it will update your profile background page and will show up in the main screen of your friends.

  • Everyday, by clearing 2 types of missions, you will receive 1 additional seed per mission.

    Mission1) Update your “How are you today?” for the first time → Receive +1 Seed

    Mission2) Gift all 5 Seeds available to your friends and family → +1 Seed

  • Please connect your phone’s contacts to the app. Registered friends will be added automatically.

    If your friends are not yet registered, you may gift a seed to them via text message.

  • A Blocking function is not available, but you may hide a person by hold pressing their thumbnail and pressing the hide button.

  • Seeds are gifts you can give to friends everyday and and send a greeting for the day.

    Seeds are created every 24Hours and if not gifted in this time, remaining seeds will disappear.

  • Seeds received from friends will change into Fruit at UTC±00:00. (The time frame and amount given may vary depending on the amount of participants.)

  • Tokens are the cryptocurrency that will be used in MyCreditChain’s ecosystem.

    1 Fruit = 1 MCC Token.

    In the future, information transaction, compensation from Seed Networking, and other partnering services will be available through partners in this ecosystem.

  • At the 00:00 Local time you select, 5 Seeds will be created.

  • Received Seeds for the day will be converted into the amount of Fruit depending the percentage calculation. Each day, a total of 10,000 Fruits x (Seeds you received / Total number of seeds gifted to all users)

  • Each day, only 1 Seed can be gifted per person.

    If seeds are gifted to the same person in the next day, the value of seeds given to that person will decrease by 10%. On days that seed were not gifted to that same person, the value will recover 10%. (Seed Value Minimum: 0.1 Seed, Maximum: 1 Seed)

  • If you have not received the authentication/verification Email or Text message, please contact our support team(support@mycreditchain.io)

  • If you wish delete your account, please contact our support team(support@mycreditchain.io)(A Delete My Account feature will be added in the future.)

    When deleting your account, all Fruits will disappear, so please convert all Fruits into Tokens before proceeding the deletion.